Burden List [bur-dn list] : A list of items that need to be appreciated and require the insight and understanding of a Gentleman in order to be removed from the list.  

I, Nathan,  developed the Burden List because it became increasingly obvious that Daniel has been spending far too much time watching drivel.  Daniel claims to appreciate the best and the worst of things, if you ask me, he spends far too much time on the latter.  Thus the Burden List was born in an attempt to help shape his barometer for what is actually good.  At least this way when he is sifting through the nonsense at the bottom of the barrel he won't be able to forget how terrible it really is.

The Burden List will grow and shrink over time because a movie will be added to the list every time a new podcast is recorded.  This means that as long as movies are watched from the list it will not really be a burden.  However, given his history and inability to set aside time like a true gentleman to appreciate movies that deserve appreciation I fully expect Daniel's list to grow into a large burden with many, many movies on it.  

Daniel's Burden List

Daniel decided to be childish about the whole thing and created a Burden List for me to watch and appreciate as well.  I accepted without hesitation because I am a true gentleman.  If you recognize any of these items as having poor critical reviews then your recall is accurate and astute.  I plan on never allowing this list to grow past five.   

Nathan's Burden List

Amanda's Burden List

The Intern's Burden List

These Burden Lists will be updated after every episode of Trailer Park Podcast is posted.  Please feel free to weigh in on our selections for each other.  You can send us an email to trailerparkpodcast@gmail.com or tweet me @tparkpodcast or Daniel @100Lunatics, you can also just click on that blue twitter icon down there.