The Art of the Trailer

Ever wonder why they call it a trailer? Well back in the day when movies used to begin with the credits instead of end with them they had nothing to play when the movie was over.  People were still sitting in there seats at the end of the movie so they started playing previews for other movies coming out and because it "trailed" the movie it was called a trailer.  

Here at Trailer Park Podcast we try to teach our listeners how to properly assess whether to be worried or excited about a movie based solely on how they choose to present it to us. There is a lot that can be drawn from the choices that are made when a movie is handed over to their marketing teams.  

The task is simple, but is easier said than done.  Hook the audience and show them just enough to leave them wanting more.  The art of the movie trailer is also sometimes the art of deception, as I am sure we have all been fooled at one time or another by a well done trailer for a terrible movie.

There are other times, that regardless of how good or bad the movie ends up being you simply just have to appreciate the art of the trailer itself and how well crafted it was, how it gave the movie the best possible opportunity to be successful by simply making anyone who sees the trailer excited to watch it.   

Every year we also select an ultimate lineup, Check out the 2016 Trailer Park Podcast Ultimate Lineup by clicking on the link below. 

They're Cousins... and Gentlemen

When it is a requirement that you enter into heated debate it is helpful if the bond between you is strengthened by blood.  Although stubborn and hot headed, Daniel and Nathan can occasionally agree, but regardless of whether they agree or not, and regardless of how thick the sarcasm becomes... they will always subscribe to the tenets of being gentlemen.

"The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those

who can be of no possible service to him"

- William Lyon Phelps 

The Commitment

A gentleman does not make promises, he makes commitments.  

Daniel has stipulated that every Trailer Park Podcast lineup must contain at least one trailer from the horror genre.  I know what you're thinking, gentlemen don't make demands or stipulations. Unfortunately this is not entirely true, Daniel has been clear from the beginning of this requirement and Trailer Park Podcast would not exist without this agreement in place.  The commitment is the foundation of respect that the Trailer Park Podcast is built on and is not just because Daniel is fond of the horror genre.  We must pay tribute to our creator, the One Hundred Lunatics network.  Trailer Park Podcast first aired on and continues to be posted there as well.  One Hundred Lunatics is a horror genre focused podcast network and although we have distinguished ourselves as an independent entity we will always remember where we came from by including a horror movie trailer in every single one of our lineups. 

Trailer Tropes

At Trailer Park Podcast we are creating a list of violations or tropes that a trailer relies on.  We feel strongly that these can be used to identify movies that are trying to hide how terrible are.

1. The Superfluous Spoiler - A trailer that provides you with so much information about the movie there is really no reason to watch it

2. The Quoting Persuader - A trailer that over uses quotes from critics or celebrities to manipulate you into thinking that it is better than it is

3. The Soundtrack Borrower - A trailer that uses music from a different movie in the trailer.  This could be an indication that the music that is actually used in the film is not capable of making the movie look exciting. 


The Silver Shard

The Silver Shard is a title that will be bestowed upon any lineup of the Trailer Park Podcast where both Daniel and Nathan are excited about all five trailers in the lineup.  This has never happened.  It is a majestic beast.  The unicorn of Trailer Park Podcast.

The Golden Deuce

The Golden Deuce is the anti Silver Shard.  This title will be bestowed upon any lineup of the Trailer Park Podcast where both Daniel and Nathan are worried about all five trailers in the lineup.  This has also never happened.  If this does happen it will in no way be a negative reflection on the person creating the trailer lineup, unless that person is Daniel. 


Music Credits

We use some music in our intros and openings and here is where we tell you where we got it from.

1. Opening title intro music - Looney Bob by Anitek

2. Questions Segment - Drifter by Tab & Anitek

3. Give a Shit or Don't Give a Fuck - Cantina Rag by Jackson F. Smith

4. Get Your Shit and Get the Fuck Out - Cry by Anitek

5. Headline Trailer into music - Jadason by Anitek, Doodlesmug by Anitek

6. Second Trailer intro music - Can't Catch Me by Anitek, Little Nails by Anitek

7. Third Trailer intro music - Mixed Fruit by Anitek, Tip Toe by Anitek

8. Fourth Trailer intro music - Hertig's Z by Anitek, Reflection by Anitek

9. Fifth Trailer intro music - Contours by Anitek, Hoover by Anitek

10. The Roundtable intro music -  Lost Hours by Anitek